Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Are We Too Busy to Care?

Ever see trash on the road, in the lake, floating down streams and feel sad? What are we so busy doing that we cannot make sure our trash gets into a trash can and then on to the appropriate places? I am not suggesting we all suddenly transform into “Save the Planet” activists. But, really, there is probably more we could be doing to help preserve what we have even from the comforts of our very own homes. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something we could do to help save us money while also helping to protect the planet? Well, there is one very important thing we can do and that is to have our home cooling systems serviced each and every year so they are running efficiently and not using unnecessary energy which, in turn, means we are paying more money to use them than we should. Read “Just Living or Really Helping” to help you discover more ways to save money on your energy bills (while still using your air conditioner) + get the added bonus of how you can help out Earth.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Go Green or Go Home

Well, no, not exactly. It may be more like “go green or we may not have a home.” But sometimes it can seem as if doing all the things that could help make the Earth cleaner, healthier and all around better would just be too time-consuming and bothersome to actually do. It is great when we can find something that benefits both us and the planet! Since feeling cool and comfortable in the summer months is important, the best place to start combining helping yourself with helping the planet would be with your home cooling system. Keeping your system maintained year after year helps both you and Mother Earth. It cuts down on your energy cost because your system will not have to work so hard to keep you cool and upgrading to a new “High Efficiency” system can save you even more money in the long run. For more information on how you can save money and energy and do your part to help the planet, read “A World of Hurt…”. It is never too late to start helping yourself while benefiting the planet we live on.