Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Where Does It Go?

There are many times I wonder about where my money is going. Of course, I know where the biggest chunks go with a mortgage to pay, utilities, groceries, etc., but the other place my money goes is to repair various things around the house that break. I particularly loathe spending money on plumbing repairs, but there is no way around it; if your plumbing doesn’t work, you have to fix it. I am sure I feel the same as most other people. I just want things to work as they should. I don’t really want to spend time and money repairing things – I want them not to break in the first place. With that being said, I would much rather spend money having an item serviced or repaired than to have to replace the whole thing. That’s when the big bucks really fly out of the window. It can be hard though, especially in this economy to spend money servicing something that is not (as far as you can see) broken. Maybe if our home comfort systems had an “I need servicing” light like our cars have a “change oil” light, it would be easier. Especially if it buzzed or dinged until we had it serviced. My car is relentless about reminding me until the oil is changed. It is not good for your furnace to be turned on each year without being serviced. In fact, it could be dangerous. Just as driving around in a car without ever changing its oil is dangerous and very damaging to your car. For more information on what to do for your home comfort system, read “What’s Good for Me Is Good for You.”