Friday, April 3, 2015

The Nutty Secret I Actually Didn’t Want You to Know

I never was good at keeping secrets, especially from my customers. After all, I went into this business to help people – to keep you comfortable, to save you energy, to prevent the need for future repairs … good ambitions like that. Oh, that’s still my goal alright. But that means letting you in on a nutty secret that could have brought us a lot more repairs, plus equipment that declined sooner than it needed to. In a sense, that might have been “good” for us, but not really. Instead, here’s what we found is a much better way to be a positive influence in our customers’ lives: we help customers avoid future repairs, inconvenient breakdowns and wasted energy by educating them on the importance of regular tune-ups. We’ve got it on high authority that this is a really good idea and hope you’ll see the merit in taking care of a pretty sizeable investment for your home – so that it will take care of you. Need any more convincing? Take a look at this info, The Nutty Declaration That Can Help You Save.